~ From our Advanced Networks Family to Yours, we hope you are health and safe during this time.
Our offices, remote teams, and remote capabilities are in place
We operate in multiple, geographically diverse offices. Over the years, we have trained and encouraged our employees to work from home in the case of sickness or emergency. Taking this approach has allowed us to address connectivity and communication challenges inherent to virtual operations. While unknowns may be inevitable, Our team members can perform their roles and functions remotely.

How to Run Your Business During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Now that you've seen all the news articles, the social media and panic that has been plaguing the globe in regards to the coronavirus pandemic.  The question is asked: How do you run your business and let your customers know to continue to trust in you and your staff during this crisis.

To begin, it is very important to start within. 
Begin with proper guidelines and procedures with your internal and outside staff.

  • Implement Sick Policies for anyone who is or has been sick to work from home
  • Separate staff members a bit further in their desk assignments
  • Perform routine cleaning throughout the day in your facility, especially when sharing of equipment such as phones, computers, public fax machines, etc.
  • Advise your Outside Employees to always practice proper hygiene while outside
  • Encourage Self-Assessment of Health: If your employee feels any symptoms allow this person to self quarantine

It is very important to respect your customers and their fears during this time.  
While this is so, it is also important to place trust in your company with them with the following guidelines:
  • A letter or Communication from your CEO or Manager at your facility in regards to this crisis and what steps your company is taking to help during this pandemic
  • Communication with your customers in regards to safe-working with your team, either remote if possible or how you safeguard your employee and customer safety onsite while working in their homes/facilities
  • Monitor areas you are working in and alert your customers of possible outbreaks in their regions to ensure both your safety and theirs
  • Assist your customer in self assistance when it comes to DIY with your knowledge and expertise
  • Advise your customer of the training you have with your customer service representatives to understand procedures in place when working with your home/business

Trust is key coming from the top down in your firm from your business owners all the way to your customers

In allowance to assist in empowering your team the following are tools they can use to work from home
  • Email - Utilization of web version of mail vs your desktop mail is accessible to your staff
  • Remote Access - Remote connectivity to the employee pcs is available for staff members at your request
  • File Access - This can be enabled with the sharefile tool connection to your system at your request
  • Collaboration - As communication is important for all your employees and staff, there are tools to assist

Your communication during this time in isolation is going to be important for all your daily activities.  We advise your company to take practices in Social Media Posting, Blog Posting and Email Blasts.  This ensures your customers comfort and awareness when it comes to your company's daily flow.


During any crisis it is important to keep your cool and stay positive.  Encourage others, help your neighbors and most of all stay aware.  You are an inspiration.  Inspire others by leading the way and show a calmness with everything you do.  This goes a long way in every aspect of your life and around others.

Here are some great information sites for business owners during this crisis

SBA Disaster Assistance Funding

Interim US Guidance for Risk Assessment and Public Health Management for Business Owners

Coronavirus Symptoms and Testing

Live Map Tracker - Coronavirus Outbreak

Advanced Networks is on top of all the coronavirus information and how we can stay one step ahead of it when it comes to business and technology.  Don't hesitate to contact us for help or resources in this matter, we are here to help each other.


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